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Our blueberries are a wonderful combination of flavor, texture and freshness. They are grown by farmers in Bruty, southern Slovakia, where the crops have plenty of sun and appropriate climate conditions. We grow them under strict clean and healthy conditions. They receive rain and well water stirred together at the perfect pH. Blueberries are handpicked and delivered to store shelves within 12 hours, guaranteeing the freshness for our clientele.

Our blueberries are regularly tested by the Slovak Veterinary Inspection to ensure that the entire process of picking, sorting, packaging and labeling is in accordance with regulations. Blueberries are very rich in antioxidants, low calorie, high fiber content and nutritious, contribute to heart health, have anti-inflammatory effects and decrease cholesterol level in the blood.

Blueberries are delicious with pancakes, (muffins) cakes or in sauces. Their fresh and natural flavor enhances the taste of pork and beef. Blueberries can be combined any other fruit.

Average fruit weight: 2g

Sugar content:> 14-16 ° Brix




Quality Label

The numbers speak for us


100% of the production goes to the Slovak market

hours after picking on the store shelves


Recycling water on the farm

  • 100 % Produkcie putuje na slovenský trh
  • 12 Hodín od zberu pultoch predajní
  • 100 % Recyklácia vody na farme

About us

About us The Farm Bruty Our farm was set up in 2015 to cultivate Slovak first-class cherry tomatoes. The village Bruty is in the Nitra region of southern Slovakia is an ideal location.

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables dates back to 1272. Nitra has an ideal climate for agriculture, adequate rainfall and plenty of sunny days. We select tomato varieties with the best flavor and suitable for the climate conditions of southern Slovakia.

On the Bruty farm, we currently produce tomatoes and blueberries. Tomato cultivation takes place in the most modern greenhouses. Growing is aided by software controls ventilation and temperature with glass on roller shutter to protect the plants in case of inclement weather. The whole cultivation process is under strict control by certified employees.

Our team – Our family

Andrea Kovácsová

Andrea Petroczka - mladšia

Andrea Petroczka

Bernadeta Pekaríková

Diana Dánielová

Eniko Gubíková

Gergerly Morvai

Hajnalka Tóthová

Ján Kuchár

Karolína Szocsová

Zoltán Bolzán

Ladislav Mocsi

Mária Juhászová

Monika Androvičová

Ondrej Daniel

Peter Veres

Renáta Zámolová

Stanislav Sivák

Szilárd Izsák

Timea Izsáková

Work in EN


Nature, our priority


Product innovation is very important to us. We are constantly looking for new varieties with exceptional flavor and aroma. Tomatoes attracts consumers due to its excellent taste, scent and color. Only new varieties guarantee us an exclusive position on the Slovak market. We are the only company that grows these tomato varieties in Slovakia.

Recycling of waste

Our waste is converted to compost after recovery. All of our crops are grown in coconut substrates. This is completely recycled after use. Plants and all crop residues are converted to compost, and even used packaging is recyclable.

Biological plant protection

We use biological protection to prevent disease from each plant. They are small bugs that feed on pests. We consider environmental care to be necessary. This is one of the main reasons why we use organic products wherever possible to fight molds, diseases and insects.

Paradise taste

Our tomatoes are only harvested when they are completely mature and then delivered within 12 hours to your local supermarket. We only build with renewable resources. Tomatoes are pollinated by bumble bees.

We do our work with love

Reduced water consumption

Our greenhouses are equipped with collecting tanks to catch as much rainwater as possible. 100% of our waste water is recycled and does not lead to water leakage into water ways or ground water.

Environmental Protection

Bruty Farm puts environmental protection first. We are pioneers in the sustainability of energy consumption. Our company is also a leader in the economic use of water, plant protection and fertilizers. Our greenhouses produce tomatoes year-round, using only renewable energy sources. We do everything with respect to our employees, our clients and our consumers. Only under these rules can we satisfy consumers of fruit and vegetables.

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Company: The Greenhouse Farm Bruty

Street: Bruty 601

ZIP CODE: 943 55

City: Bruty

Country: Slovak Republic

cell phone no.:+421 917 753 084

e-mail: info@farmabruty.sk

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